About iMeet Co work and meeting space

What is iMeet ?

iMeet is a centrally located shared space business offering 12 desks and a state of the meeting room for business people in Queenstown.
We provide work desk (6 desks) and meeting room solutions (for up to 10 persons ) for customers needing hourly, daily, weekly and monthly services.
We provide a technology centric office space that provides users a great working environment in the heart of Queenstown, close to shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and accomodation.

I'm here for one day - can I hire a desk?

Yes you can – we have the choice of 2 desk solutions based on your needs and budget, you can hire either a professional desk which provides a classic desk space for you to set up and spread out and or the premium desk which provides 2 x monitors for you to connect into and quickly leverage our technology
All desks come with power, internet connectivity and usb charging hubs for customers and lots of other inclusions to make you productive.

What type of desk hire do you offer?

We can offer half daily/ full day / weekly / monthly and or 3 monthly hire.
We have 2 types of desk solutions:

Professional – large 1.2 meters wide desk area with great space to spread out – your classic desk feel and available from 1 day to 3 months.
Premium – if you need to connect and see dual screens then our premium desks are your ultimate workstation set up. Available from 1 day to 3 months hire.

Can I use a printer?

Yes you can – we offer black and white and or colour print options. Depending on your space booking you may get to print copies that are included in your rate, or pay per print sheet needed.

How secure is iMeet if I leave valuables there and or documents?

iMeet have secure lockers for our customers which allow you to store your valuable items and stay safe.
We have security cameras that are working 24 / 7 and the business is locked and the building has a pin code entry outside of business hours.

Will internet be included in desk hire and or meeting room?

Yes and we will provide you the log in as part of the introduction to your desk and or boardroom hire. We offer wireless or wired connectivity.

Can you provide catering for meeting room hire?

Yes we can handle this for you. Queenstown has an amazing selection of food and beverage providers which we can arrange and bring to your meeting. No problem.
Please ask and we will provide you the options.

Can I use your meeting room for a product launch?

Yes absolutely – we have installed state of the art technology coupled with sound proofed interiors and modern contemporary design for our meeting room.
This will allow you to launch and immediately get an impact!
Our boardroom allows you to teleconference and connect in others from out of region and or connect to our smart screen and present with most devices.
We have designed our boardroom so you can connect to the projecting devices easily and your presentation will be a seamless success.

Are there toilets available?

Yes we have 3 toilets available in the area we work from.

Can we use a kitchen?

For desk hire and board room hire you can use the kitchenette which is used by the other users.

How long can I hire your desk for?

We offer half daily, full day, weekly, monthly to 3 monthly hire.

What if I need to use the desks and or meeting room after business hours?

Please ask and we can review if we can provide you with access outside of normal business hours
Typical access hours for the desk space and meeting room is 9am – 5:30 pm Monday to Thursday. Friday 09AM to 5PM.

Is there a contract?

There is a booking process that has terms and conditions for the desk and boardroom hire. These are standard terms and conditions – please ask us for these when making an inquiry or booking.

Can I hire a computer from you?

Yes – we do have the ability to provide either a desktop and or a laptop for an additional charge.
Please ask us when making your inquiry or booking.

I want to hold some interviews with people - can I use your Meeting room?

Yes this is the ideal space to do this as we can greet your guests for you at our reception and then show them into your meeting and provide tea and coffee and support your meetings in anyway possible.
Our central location makes it an ideal location to hold meetings.

Who else will be in the desk area?

Depending on the bookings we have in place you may be in our shared space desk areas with other business persons.
We want to provide an area where our shared space users can work effectively leveraging our state of the art technology to connect and communicate freely and achieve their business goals.
We have a “quiet room” available for all our our shared space users so that if required you can make private calls away from the desks.

Do you have an area to make / receive private calls - work discreetly?

iMeet has a “quiet room” available for our shared space guests to use. This room allows you to close the door and work privately. We do limit the time per person in the quiet room to 1 hour maximum.

I have a MacBook - will I need any special adapters to present in your meeting room?

We have the ability for any device (Windows, Dell, HP, Surface, Mac, etc) to connect and present effectively with our smart display. Offering ChromeCast, Apple TV and wireless projecting.
If you need support we have 5 technicians onsite who can assist you.

What is included in the meeting room booking?

This is what we include:

  • Accommodates up to 10 guests
  • 60″ 4K screen – multi-platform streaming
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Media-Ready Conference Space
  • Flip-charts and Whiteboard
  • High Speed Dedicated Internet + WiFi
  • VoIP conferencing system with world-wide access
  • Tea and coffee on request for an additional extra cost

What is included in the desk space booking?

This is what we include:

  • High speed dedicated Internet + WiFi
  • Ergonomic chair
  • In-desk power, data and USB charging
  • Access to a Multifunctional printer / scanner
  • Use of the Quiet Room for interviews, calls, one-on-one conferencing
  • Secured locker use
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Kitchen access